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Our practice areas include but are not limited to divorce litigation, drafting of wills and administration of deceased estates, debt collection with a particular emphasis on Property Law and conveyancing transfers.

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Our areas of practice include but are not limited to:
Conveyancing transfers
It is of great importance to have an attorney that you can trust on your side to draft valid sale and purchase agreements. To advise the client regarding the transfer process and to finalise your transfers without delay.
Lodgement and registrations
We offer specialist and technical advice to our clients in order to secure successful registrations. We offer a comprehensive services including arranging lodgement and all related administration functions.
Drafting of Wills
A will is the most important document that you will ever sign. We will advise you on the legal requirements to ensure that your last will and testament is valid and reflects your intentions when leaving property or other assets to your loved ones.
Divorce Litigation
Going through a divorce is never easy. In complex cases or when couples can't reach an agreement, divorce litigation may be necessary.
Debt Collection
Debtors dread hearing from collectors looking for money, and creditors hate when those in debt dodge their phone calls. If you're in either situation, you may want to make use of our services.
Administration of Deceased Estates
When a loved one dies, there remains the legal consequences thereof to be dealt with correctly such as reporting the estate to the Master of the High Court, appointing an executor, ensuring that beneficiaries receive what they are entitled to and that the rights of heirs or beneficiaries are protected.



Attorneys in King William’s town 

Crystal Tatchell

Director, Attorney and Conveyancer

Having managed one of the largest correspondent and largest practices in the Eastern Cape, Crystal has obtained extensive experience and specialist knowledge of lodgements and registrations at the Deeds Registry King Williams Town.

In addition, she has gained valuable experience in Property Law  and associated transactions at one of the premier property law firms in the Eastern Cape.

conveyancing attorneys in king williams town 

conveyancing attorneys in king williams town 
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The complexity of the legal issue you are facing is important for several reasons: for one, it determines how many hours the lawyer will have to work, which plays a major role in the total cost



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We offer specialist and technical advice to our clients in order to secure successful registrations. We offer a comprehensive services including arranging lodgement and all related administration functions.

As you might guess, having a lawyer can help prevent lawsuits. In reality, if you’re hiring an attorney after you’ve already been sued, it’s probably too late. A good lawyer can help reduce the charges, but they can’t protect you from them entirely. Be proactive before a lawsuit occurs, get your legalities in order, and cover all of your bases.

Anytime you need to draft or negotiate a contract – whether with a customer, employee, or supplier – it’s important that you have a lawyer present to help with any legalities. A contract that hasn’t been approved by a lawyer can quickly cause problems. It’s your job to run a business, not memorize the rules – and if you try to do the contract yourself, you’ll likely miss a few things that could get you in big trouble down the road.

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